Growing up one of my uncles (1/2 brother of Bone) was all the time getting arrested. It seemed to happen most often around Thanksgiving or Christmas. I guess he had some aversion to family dinners or something! As a young child I used to call him “Jailbird”.

One side note: Jailbird almost always was wearing these green corduroy shorts. My grandma worked for a department store so she bought most of my clothes. One year she brought over some new summer clothes for me and in the bag was this pair of green shorts. The price tag never came off of them because I refused to wear them. I thought they were nasty just like him!

Jailbird’s run ins with the law consisted of a DUI, forging checks, assault on a police officer, attempted escape from prison, indecent exposure (must run in the family), embezzlement, trespass, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and drunk/disorderly. All of these were from 1973-1988 and he remained quiet and well behaved for 6 years and then he must have decided that he needed to return to prison because ended up confessing to a murder that occurred in the 1960’s! This was a cold case in another state. From what I heard, he was in this other state and had met this man and ended up at his house. Jailbird’s version is that the man started making moves on him and Jailbird didn’t like it so he stabbed him and left. The only thing at the scene was a bloody foot print (notice foot not shoe…why were his shoes off??). Either Jailbird wanted to go back to prison or guilt finally overwhelmed him (I’m hoping the latter). He was sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter and served 6. He’s been quiet for 11 years and there haven’t been any more updates on Jailbird so I guess he finally decided to grow up (at 66) and stop his life of crime.

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