Not that side of the family too!

A few years back another one of my uncle’s (mom’s side) was living with his girlfriend and her teenage son. This uncle (JR) was nice and I got along with him but didn’t know him all that well. My ex-husband had gone to visit him a few times to get/smoke some weed. One day I find out that JR had been arrested. My first thought was drug possession but no it was for shooting his girlfriend’s son and killing him. Say what?! The story goes that JR and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument (not sure if it was just screaming or physical) and the son came in to defend his mom. The son brought a gun into the living room. JR went to take the gun away from the son but a fight ensued over the gun. During the struggle the gun went off killing the son in the living room in front of the girlfriend. I can only imagine the anguish this brought on the mother! Anyway, she was generous enough to tell the police that this was an accident. JR was never charged with this. Needless to say he and the girlfriend were no longer together either.

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