Maternal Grandfather

I have spoken of growing up spending time with my grandparents. These were my Dad’s parents. Well my mom’s Dad I didn’t know very well growing up. I had met him a few times but not many and when I was about 6 years old he was sent to prison. He was sentenced to 10 years but served 4. Apparently it was for manslaughter (really people!). I was told that he didn’t do it or it was an accident but I really don’t know. Something about a woman friend that was being beaten by her husband and he ended up dead and Papa E was blamed for it. I have never asked my mom about it. Not sure why but I just haven’t. I remember going to visit him one time when he was in prison. You would think it would be a little scary for a small child but I guess when you have a family like mine it’s no big deal.

When my parents split we moved to my mom’s child hood home. This house was a very large house in town. It was sort of a duplex. Papa E’s sister was living there along with Papa E. They had converted the top part of the house to an apartment for Papa E and Aunt E lived in one side of the bottom half. My mom and I moved into the other side of the bottom (two rooms).

During this time I got to know Papa E some, my neighbor friends, a kid Aunt E baby sat for, and Aunt E’s niece would all hang out. We would hang out in Papa E’s apartment a lot. Now that I think about it I believe he was a hoarder. He didn’t junk up the living room but his bed room (which was huge) was slammed packed with stuff. He would have candy in his room (mostly gum) and would sell that to us. I always thought it was strange that my own Papa would make me buy candy from him but I did. He would be nice enough to not charge me if it were just the two of us.

He was a very nice man and loved my mom so much. I am happy that my mom got to share that time with him. Unfortunately God decided to take him very soon in life. I was at my grandparents’ house one night when I got a call that Papa E had passed from a major heart attack. It was such a horrible blow to my mom. Mom’s mom died when she was in her 40’s so I never had the pleasure of meeting her so now my mom had no parents and she was still very young herself. My half-sister had moved in with Papa E for a while to and she was hit hard by his passing as well. Other than my mom he was the only “full blooded” family she had.

Papa E is greatly missed in our family.

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