Aunt E

She was an interesting lady. She was, of course, older and lived off of social security but she would also babysit on the side. She kept a girl that was about a year younger than me. Her son’s daughter was living with her mom but was having issues so she came to live with Aunt E (well and us) and she was a couple of years older than me. It was an interesting house to live in. Like Papa E, Aunt E did not give us anything for free. She always kept freezer pops, bags and bags and would sell them to use for 50 cent…knowing that she was making bank off of us because she could a bag of them for a little over a dollar! The girl she baby sat, D, my cousin C, and the two girls that lived next door were very close in age so it was natural that we all befriended each other. We would hang out at the neighbor’s house so sometimes with Aunt E. I remember one day Aunt E wanted us out of the house and apparently we were not moving quickly enough so she chased us out with a broom and told us not to come back for several hours! I was upset by that because I lived there and had my own space separate of her so technically she had no right to throw me out!

I tried to get close to Aunt E but it never really happened. She was a tough old bird that didn’t let people get really close. Then there was one day she said something to me that hurt me so deep that I completely wrote her off from then on but luckily it wasn’t too much longer before mom and I moved. The girls and I were in her living room and she told us that the only one of the neighbor girls would go to college and make something of her life. I was FLOORED. I was flesh and blood and unlike my cousin I hadn’t had a child at an early age for my mom to raise. I made excellent grades in school too unlike the neighbor girls who were all about partying. I wish that Aunt E was still around to see how our lives turned out. Cousin C had several kids and a few husbands, no college. D has 3 kids, 2 husbands, no college, and has been a waitress all of her life. One of the neighbor girls has 3 kids, attended but not graduated from college and has always been a waitress and her sister never graduated college has 3 kids and doesn’t work and doesn’t seem to have a financially stable life. Me…graduated college, married with one child and have worked for a hospital system for 15 years with an Executive Vice President. Take that Aunt E…you got it all wrong!

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