My Uncle Did What?

When I was younger I spent every other weekend with my grandparents. My homelife was not even close to typical so going to their place was an escape, even if they did live next door. One of my uncles (we’ll call him Bone) lived with them. Bone had been married and they had a son but after the divorce he moved back to his parents. My cousin would spend the weekends with us as well. I liked Bob but there was something sort of “off” about him.

My parents split and I went with my mom. I continued my routine of spending every other weekend with my grandparents. When I was about 12 I was spending the night with my grandparents and I had to sleep on the couch. I had been asleep for a while when I woke up to Bone sitting in my Grandpa’s recliner staring at me. It creeped me out to say the least. He started telling me that he had gotten into a fight with my Dad our dog bit him. Um…okay dude! Not sure why he felt the need to talk to me about it! Over the years I stopped going to my grandparents as much and I guess it might have been a good thing. Later on, I found out that Bone was in jail in South Carolina. He had been arrested and convicted of raping a girl while he was at Myrtle Beach. The kicker for me was that the girl was 16 which was also my age at the time. CREEPED ME OUT!

After he served his time he got out and went back to some what of a normal life. He continued living with my grandparents until finally he met someone and was in a committed relationship. They moved in together. I was watching the news one night and saw this segment about a man that was running up to little girls in a couple of stores and touching their bottoms and would run away. Come to find out it was Bone! Really…now he’s moved from teenagers to little kids! What a sicko! I’ve seen him a couple of times since then and he still gives me the creeps. This is why you need to stay on top of the sex offender registry in your area! Plus, make sure you know your own family. There is no way I would ever let him near LB!

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Finally Spring!

It was so nice outside yesterday…70 degrees! LB got to ride her 4-wheeler around the yard, in a skirt no less!


I have been wondering if I should go ahead and start my “crazy” family series. I was hoping to have some comments to other posts so that I knew at least one person was reading these but no luck so far. I guess I will begin my “crazy” family series tomorrow.

If someone is reading this please comment on one of the posts even if it’s just a Hi!

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Mommy Oops!

Today was picture day at daycare. LB was so excited to get her picture taken. She has been my model for 4 years so she’s used to the camera! I told her yesterday that I wanted to see a natural smile instead of her “cheese” face that makes her cheeks go way out and her eyes to squint. She would ask me over and over for the rest of the evening if this was the smile she needed to do. She was doing great.

I got her up and dressed all pretty for picture day. While standing in line she was asking if her smile was good. I would say yes. It was her turn. She usually has a serious look on her face until the photog tells her to smile and then she lights up. Well not today! She kept being serious and we had to bring the smiles out. Oops! I guess I scared her and made her think that her smiles weren’t good enough! Good grief. For the final one I remember her of how she was standing in the doorway last night and just fell down and tried to tell me she fell when she was walking. She started to smile then. Not sure if we captured any in the first 2 pcitures but I knew we did for the last one!

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Up from the grave He arose!


We decided to take LB to see the Easter Bunny Friday night. She was thrilled. They tried to get a good photo of her but she kept doing her cheezy grin which means her eyes were all squinty so we went with the barely smiling photo.

Saturday we went to church for the Easter Egg Hunt. They hid the eggs three times for each of the age groups. It was nice to see the love between all of the children. There were some there that we hadn’t seen since last year since they live several hours away and others that only come for the activities. During one of the rounds a little girl came up to me (little older than LB) and handed me an egg and said, “this is for your daughter”. For the next round her little brother (younger than LB) came up to LB and put an egg in her basket. Then during the 3rd round LB was heading for 1 of 2 eggs in the grass, as she got to it and picked it up another little boy was headed for the same one. When LB got it he turned around and started running away so LB grabbed up the other one and started calling his name for him to get the egg but he was too far away so she walked over to another boy and gave it to him. Such wonderful children to be around, especially in an age group of toddlers that are usually self-absorbed little “me” monsters 🙂

Sunday we went to church and LB was asking me why the lights were off and the alter was covered by black cloth. I tried to give her a little description of the resurrection story but after so many “why’s” I just told her to wait and the lights will come on and other joyous things would happen. She was amazed once everything started to happen.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

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This weekend

I dread tomorrow. Easter Egg Hunt watching is not my thing. At our church they re-hide the eggs a few times. This will be LB’s 3rd time and this is a concept just does not sit well with her. Even though the eggs are empty she expects them to be hers and doesn’t get why she has to give them away. Also, it doesn’t help that hunt time is usually during her nap time too! At the very end she gets her chocolate cross and is all happy again.

After the hunt we have to go to a birthday party. Being that LB is in daycare we go to A LOT of birthday parties and they are just too tiring. One good thing about this party is that it is supposed to end at 5p and the hunt doesn’t end until 4p and it is 20 minutes away! He’s turning 1 so it is a milestone birthday and he’s my nephew’s half-brother so he’s kinda family so we will certainly go. Both LB and I don’t eat cake but I’m sure we will be harassed to eat some. LB will try some and then tell me she doesn’t like it…every.single.time. I guess she’s trying not to be rude or thinks this cake will be one she likes. Who knows.

Then on Sunday we will go to church (like normal) but it’s supposed to rain. Usually if it’s raining, I tell LB she needs to wear pants instead of a dress but I can’t not let her wear her new Easter Dress so she’ll be all dressed in white and pink and hopefully will not decide to jump in muddy puddles!

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#1 Blog

I read a lot of blogs but have yet to write one myself. I write a “book” for my child with her milestones or just random things that happen so I thought I would share. Plus, I’ve been told by many folks over the years that I should write a book about things that have happened in my life or my weird family so why not share with the world!

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